After early starts during the conference, we will take it easy on Thursday, October 17, and meet in the Hotel Bellevue Terminus lobby at 10:00 after having a good breakfast. We are starting our field day with a 15 min walk from the hotel to the cable car ground station (1002 m altitude), where we are taking a ride up to Ristis Station (1601 m altitude).

A pathway through a habitat in the mountains, that is the motto of the scenic circular hiking trail. Alpine meadows and breath taking views. Around 90 plants are labelled with small signs along the trail. The trail is easy to walk and there are several opportunities to cut short the trail with even an option to take a chairlift (not included in the price of field trip price) to reach a point at 1855 m altitude which is the highest viewpoint of the entire trail. The distance of the entire trail is 6.8 km with an altitude difference of 255 m (an easy hike which might last up to 3 hours).

After 1.5 hours and passing by Rigidaldalp (1749 m) and Holzghirmi (1878 m), we will reach the mountain hut “Brunnihütte” at 1855 m altitude. Here we will have a break to have time for a warm drink and a small snack or soup but more importantly to enjoy the panorama view towards the mountain picks Titlis (3238 m), Spannörter (3130 m) and Hahnen (2606 m). After a relaxing rest, we will continue our hike on the same level of altitude to reach after 20 min the next view point called “Rosenbold” (1864 m) where we will have the opportunity to have new views towards the mountains of Engelberg and the valley towards Lucerne.

From this point onwards, we will walk down hill for about 1 to 1.5 hours (dependent on the weather and also dependent if we want to take an additional loop which will last around 30 min). The trail will end at the cable car station Ristis, where we started our hike and where also the Berglodge Restaurant Ristis is located. You will remember the place from the previous evening but now we will have the advantage to enjoy the panoramic view during day time! We have organized for you what we call in the mountains a “Vesperplatte” with only local culinary cold highlights (e.g. bacon, smoked ham, sausages, different kind of alpine cheeses produced in the Engelberg mountains). A beer or a white or red wine might fit perfectly but also teas and soft drinks are available and included in the excursion package.

We will have time to enjoy the local food as we have arranged that the cable car is bringing the group home after the official opening hours. Home is most probably not entirely true as we still have to walk back for 15 min to reach the Hotel Bellevue Terminus. We should reach the hotel around 18:00.

To consider: Mountain trails can be slippery after rain; therefore, we highly recommend to wear at least sport shoes or even better light trekking shoes. Take protection against sun and rain (umbrella or rain jacket) as well as warm clothing with you – the weather in the mountains can be harsh and could change quickly. Please consider that we are taking the hike mid of October when temperatures can be low of up to 5 to 10°Celsius but can be also reach 15 to 20°Celsius.

The price for the field trip includes the cable car ride to and from Ristis; the warm drink and small snack or soup at the Bunnihütte, and the Vesperplatte including alcoholic and soft drinks at the Berglodge Restaurant Ristis.